Cetop directional control valves

Cetop hydraulic directional control valves

A hydraulic directional control valve sends the incoming oil flow in a certain direction. Cetop directional control valves are characterised by a simple modular construction. The most popular sizes are Cetop 2/NG 4, Cetop 3/NG 6, Cetop 5/NG 10, Findynamica also has Cetop 7/NG 16 and Cetop 8/NG 25 available from stock..

Findynamica has a very large range of Cetop valves and accessories available. We distinguish ourselves by offering customised solutions and by making it possible to adapt valves according to your specific requirements.

Cetop 4/2 directional control valves

A 4/2 directional control valve is a hydraulic valve with 4 connections and 2 settings. These valves can be used for different applications and are available in different types.

Cetop 4/3 directional control valves

A 4/3 directional control valve is a hydraulic valve with 4 connections and 3 settings, 2 fixed settings and a centre position. The centre position is the idle position of the valve when it is not in use. A wide range of different types of 4/3 valves are also available from stock.

Different controls

Cetop valves can be supplied with different control options:

  • Manuel control
  • Electric on/off control
  • Proportional electric control
  • Pneumatic control
  • Hydraulic control
  • Mechanical control

4/3 pilot-operated directional control valves

When the oil flow is larger than 100 l/min a standard directional control valve is not sufficient. The pressure on the valve is too large to move the piston. To solve this problem there are pilot-operated  valves available. By placing an auxiliary valve, usually this is a Cetop 3/NG 6 valve, on the main valve  the auxiliary valve controls the main valve. These piloted valves can be mounted on a Cetop mounting plate which makes installing easy.

Extensive product documentation

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