Cetop plates hydraulics

Cetop plates

Cetop plates in general

The Cetop building method makes use of different types of plates with which you can quickly and easily build compact hydraulic installations. Findynamica has a complete range of Cetop plates available such as:

  • Subplates
    Subplates are available in single and multiple versions. There are many standard configurations available with different connections and with or without pressure safety valve.
  • End plates
    End plates are used to close off the cetop connection
  • Cross-over plates
    Cross-over plates are plates with a special drilling which makes it possible to redirect specific flows
  • Plates for mearure ports
    Plates for measure ports are modular plates with an external threaded connection. These plates are often used to connect measuring instruments but can also be used for other means.
  • Plates for flow regulator inserts
    Plates for flow regulator inserts are modular plates in which a small flow control valve can be mounted. Findynamica has a complete range of flow control valves that can be supplied from stock.
  • Reduction plates
    Reduction plates are modular plates that can connect Cetop plates to other types of plates. For instance from Cetop 5 to Cetop 3.  

Available Cetop plates:

Cetop 2 – NG4

Cetop 3 – NG6

Cetop 5 – NG10

Cetop 7 – NG16

Cetop 8 – NG25

Extensive product documentation

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