Eckerle internal gear pumps

  • Low noise
  • Wide viscosity range
  • High working pressures
  • High efficiency

Internal gear pumps

An internal gear pump is a gear pump with internal teeth, unlike a standard gear pump. Internal gear pumps have a large viscosity range which make them suitable for pumping thin as well as thick hydraulic fluid. As well as having a wide viscosity range, internal gear pumps also have a large temperature range and are suitable for high operating pressures.


Findynamica is a distributor of Eckerle internal gear pumps. Eckerle is a well-known manufacturer of high quality internal gear pumps that are often applied in mobile as well as industrial hydraulic systems. The range of Eckerle internal gear pumps has therefore been divided into “pumps for mobile applications” and “pumps for industrial applications”.

Mobile applications

In mobile applications the product series EIPS2, EIPS3 and EIPR1 are applied. The EIPS2 internal gear pump is also available as a pump especially suitable for UNIMOG vehicles.

Industrial sector

In industrial applications the product series EIPC and EIPH are applied

Multiple pumps

Eckerle internal gear pumps are also available as multiple pump. Findynamica has an extensive stock of these pumps so we can easily and efficiently create a multiple pump.


You can download the drawings and dimension sheets of the different series below

  Drawings EIPS2  

  Drawings EIPS2 UNIMOG  

  Drawings EIPS3  

  Drawings EIPH2-3-6  


Extensive product documentation

Here below you can download the product documentation of the different series.

  documentation EIPS2  

  documentation EIPS2 UNIMOG  

  documentation EIPS3  

  documentation EIPR1  

  documentation EIPH2-3-6  

  documentation EIPC3-5-6