Electromagnetic couplings / pump supports

Electromagnetic couplings / pump supports

Electromagnetic couplings can be applied in situations when activating a pump by using a belt drive is required. These couplings are driven by means of belts or strings and are available in 12 or 24 VDC. There are various versions available with different torque settings.

Driving / coupling

To realise the required torque when using an electromagnetic coupling it is important that the magnetic coupling is attached in the right way. Connection is realised by activating and de-activating the coupling several times at high speed, this should be done with an idle pump.

Installation instructions

Beware, during installation there should be no oil or grease left on the wheel or pulley and the pulley has to stay clean at all times. Make sure the coupling is precisely aligned and that the maximum torque is not exceeded. When the torque is exceeded the coupling will slip and the coil may burn out..

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