FASTER Multifaster® quick release couplings

MultiFaster® quick relaese couplings

MultiFaster® quick release couplings in general

FASTER MutiFaster® quick release couplings are multiple hydraulic quick release couplings with which you can easily connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses, this will save you a lot of time. Multifaster® quick release couplings are equipped with so called flat face cartridges, which makes sure that hardly any leakage occurs when connecting or disconnecting and this prevents air from entering the system.  Because of the modular construction of MultiFaster® it is easy to exchange cartridges for repair or other types of cartridges. To prevent pollution, the fixed part also known as female part is equipped with a dust cap.
Mutifasters are available in many different types with up to 15 cartridges per MultiFaster®

MultiFaster® G series

The G-series multifasters distinguish themselves by providing lubrication to the multifaster. Also the surface of the G-series has been treated with a layer of zinc-nickel which makes the MultiFaster highly resistant to rust. Because of this the G-series can be used in extremely hazardous areas such as on a truck with a snow plough.


General properties:

•    Can be connected under remaining pressure (series 2P)
•    Male part can be connected under high pressure (series 3P)
•    Can be connected or disconnected with one action
•    Minimal leakage when connecting of disconnecting


•    Road construction
•    Agricultural machines
•    Industry in general
•    Transport sector
•    Stainless Steel version can be applied in offshore and food industry

Findynamica has a wide range of Faster quick release couplings and Mutifasters, see our extensive product documentation for specifications.


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