FASTER Push-pull hydraulic couplings

Push-pull snelkoppelingen hydrauliek

FASTER Push-pull hydraulic couplings are couplings for hydraulic applications. The quick release couplings distinguish themselves by being able to be disconnected with a pulling motion. These couplings are often applied in the agricultural sector. The push-pull mechanism makes sure that, in case someone forgets to disconnect a hose, it will disconnect when the vehicle drives away and the hose will not break. This way of disconnecting is a safety feature, the right way to disconnect is by sliding the outer ring backwards after which the male part can be disconnected.


•    Emergency disconnect function
•    Can be connected using one hand
•    Depressurized connecting using one hand
•    ISO 7241-1 part A exchangeable
•    Dust caps optional in various colours
•    ½” internal gas threaded connection
•    Maximum operating pressure 260 bar
•    Maximum flow 75 75l/min


•    Agraricultural sector
•    Earth moving
•    Etc.

Findynamica has a large stock of various types of push-pull quick release couplings, see our extensive documentation for the different types and specifications.

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