Hydraulic test & diagnostic equipement

Efficiency is becoming more and more important in hydraulic systems. This prolongs the life span and helps to save costs.
To be able to make the right diagnosis, or when carrying out preventive checks, it is necessary to use specific hydraulic testing and measuring equipment.

Hydraulic testers are available in many different types that can be used for measuring pressure, temperature, oil flow, speed of motor, etc. Testers and  measuring equipment are available from simple analog testers, high-tech testing equipment with digital data logging, usb-connection,  up to testers  that send measurement results to your mobile phone through Bluetooth, so you can forward these by e-mail. 

Depending on the type, hydraulic testers can measure many functions such as:

  • Oil flow (up to 800 lpm)
  • Temperature
  • Pressure (up to 1000 bar)
  • Speed of motor
  • Hydraulic power
  • Displacement




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