Line mounting valves

In-line hydraulic components

In-line components

In-line components are components that can be applied in a hydraulic system with pipe fitting. The advantage of these components, also known as intermediate valves, is that they can be used everywhere in a hydraulic system.
In-line hydraulic components can be supplied in many different types and configurations.

In-line components are available in the following functions:

•    2/2 valves
•    3/2 valves
•    6/2 valves
•    Body with 90 degrees ports
•    Body in-line
•    Cross-over valves with anticavitation valves
•    Cross-over valves without anticavitation valves
•    Unloading valves
•    End of stroke valves
•    Pressure relief valves (protection against overpressure)
•    Pilot operated check valves
•    Hammer valves
•    Flangeable valves for motors
•    Ball and needle valves
•    Flow divider valves
•    Flow control valves
•    Pressure reducing valves
•    Standard over center valves
•    Over center valves CC
•    Over center valves CCAP
•    Hose break valves
•    Check valves
•    Sequence valves
•    Back pressure valves
•    Shuttle valves

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