Marzocchi ELIKA® gear pumps (low noise gear pumps)

  • Noise reduction on average 15 dBA (compared to a standard gear pump)
  • On average 70% less pulsation on the outlet side of the pump (compared to standard gear pump)
  • Displacement from 7 to 200 cc/rev
  • Available in group 2, 3 and 4
  • Also available as multiple pump
  • Can be supplied from stock at Findynamica (ELI2 & ELI3)

ELIKA® gear pumps

ELIKA® pumps are extremely silent gear pumps that can be applied in situations where low noise levels are required. Using a low noise ELIKA® gear pump will eliminate harmful noises for persons and their surroundings. ELIKA® gear pumps are fully interchangeable with existing standard pumps such as the ALP and GHP series. ELIKA® oil pumps are available in different groups ELI2, ELI3, ELI4. The maximum operating pressures are similar to those of the standard GHP series.

Marzocchi ELIKA® pumps make use of specially developed gears in the pump. ELIKA® pumps use helical gears with a lower number of teeth with rounder edges. Because of this ELIKA® gear pumps are extremely silent and there is always maximum contact between both gears. Furthermore the pump operates efficiently at low speeds. The unique form of the teeth of the ELIKA® hydraulic pumps reduces vibrations and prevents resonance transfer to other parts of the hydraulic system.



Internal compensation

Axial forces caused by the helical teeth are dissolved by an internal compensation system at the back of the pump which is patented by Marzocchi.  


Direction of rotation

ELIKA® gear pumps are available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation



ELI2:      fully interchangeable with ALP2 and GHP2 pumps - available displacement 7 to 35 cc/rev
ELI3:      fully interchangeable with ALP3 and GHP3 pumps - available displacement 20 to 87 cc/rev
ELI4:      fully interchangeable with ALP4 pumps - available displacement 86 to 200 cc/rev


Multiple pumps

It is possible to combine several ELIKA® pumps and create multiple gear pumps.  This is an excellent building method as pumps from different series can be assembled as multiple pumps. Amongst others, it is possible to create a fourfold pump in the following composition: ELI4+ELI3+ELI3+ELI2. 

Special Seals

ELIKA® pumps are used in various hydraulic applications, because of this it is sometimes desirable to apply special seals. If needed Marzocchi ELIKA® gear pumps can be optionally equipped with viton seals (“V”option). When applying viton seals ELIKA® gear pumps can withstand high temperatures. The temperature range with these seals will be between -10°C and +120°C.

Installation notes

It is important that the installation instructions are followed when installing a new Marzocchi pump. See the following link:

Extensive product documentation




ELI muliple pumps