Marzocchi GHP pumps

Gear pumps in general

Gear pumps are the most popular pumps used in modern hydraulic systems. Marzocchi gear pumps excel in versatility, power and long life span. The simple design of a gear pump ensures relatively low maintenance costs and low purchase prices. Thanks to these properties (enriched by a continuous search into further development of the design, accuracy, choice of materials and production methods) these gear pumps are produced to the highest possible standard. Because of this a gear pump can be applied in heavy duty hydraulic applications without loss of hydraulic power. Above all our gear pumps have good mechanical and volumetric efficiencies, low noise levels, and last but not least low power to weight ratios. Marzocchi has different series of hydraulic gear pumps in their range of products which have each been designed for specific applications.


Series GHP

With the GHP series Marzocchi has added a series of gear pumps that can withstand higher operating pressures as the standard ALP series. The GHP oil pumps are available in 4 different groups, group GHP1, GHP2, GHP3 and GHP35. The GHP oil pump is ideally suitable for use in both industrial and mobile applications.

The housing is made of special high resistance aluminium alloy ensuring minimal distortion at maximum operating pressure or peak pressure. The housing is made by extrusion and the flange and cover are made of cast iron. The gears are made from specially hardened steel with a precise surface treatment. The design of the right shape of the teeth of the gears ensure a low noise level when operating the Marzocchi oil pump. The complete series of GHP gear pumps is available from stock at Findynamica.

Direction of rotation

GHP gear pumps are available in clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-rotational configurations. Changing the direction of rotation of an GHP pump is easy, there are no extra or different components needed to change the direction of rotation.  

Marzocchi GHP dubbelpompMultiple pumps

It is possible to combine several GHP pumps as multiple gear pump. This is an excellent building method as pumps from different series can be assembled as multiple pumps. Amongst others, it is possible to create a fourfold pump in the following composition: GHP4+GHP3+GHP3+GHP1.

Special seals

GHP pumps are used in many different hydraulic applications, so sometimes it is necessary to equip the gear pumps with special seals. Marzocchi GHP gear pumps can optionally be provided with the following seals:

  • Option “V”; Viton seals, by using viton seals the GHP gear pump can withstand high temperatures. Temperature range will change to -10°C to +120°C, while maintaining operating pressure P1,P2 and P3 as indicated in the product documentation. A GHP pump with viton seals can also be used in temperatures up to +150°C if the maximum operating pressure does not exceed 20 bar.
  • Option “VV”; these seals can be used for fluids with high temperatures. Temperature range - 10°C to +150°C at max. 20 bar. It is also possible to use the seals in a range from -10°C to +80°C, maintaining P1, P2 and P3 in accordance with the product catalogue, in addition P1 may not be exceeded.
  • Option “ST”; these seals make a GHP hydraulic pump suitable for low as well as high temperatures. The pump can be used from -40°C to +120°C.
  • Option “H’; HNBR seals, by using HNBR seals the GHP gear pumps can be used at low temperatures. The pump can be used for applications from -40°C to +80°C.
  • Option “TR”, with this option the hydraulic pump can be used for applications with a high inlet pressure up to 6 bar. This option is also available in combination with option V, ST and H.

Installation instructions

It is important that the installation instructions are followed when using a new Marzocchi pump. See the following link: Installation instructions

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