Mechanical couplings

Mechanical couplings

Mechanical couplings can be used in situations when driving a pump by means of a mechanical drive component (such as a drive belt) is required that can be connected and disconnected manually. Mechanical couplings can be supplied in clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-rotational direction of rotation.

The casing of the mechanical coupling is equipped with a solid double bearing construction that can absorb the axial and radial forces.

Findynamica has mechanical couplings available from stock.

Connecting and disconnecting

There is a handle mounted on the side of the coupling which can be used to connect and disconnect the drive component. When a mechanical coupling is used for driving a hydraulic pump we advise connecting and disconnected when the pump is idle. Also rotational speed of 1800 rpm/min should not be exceeded. In case of bi-rotational direction of rotation rotational speed should not exceed 1000 rpm/min.


Oil type SAE90
Oil change every 12 months
Maximum operating temperature +80°C
Minimum operating temperature -10°C



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Mechanical couplings