Pressure gauges

Pressure gauges

A pressure gauge is the most applied instrument for measuring operating pressures.

Findynamica has an extensive range of pressure gauges, capable of measuring gas and fluid pressure, that do not affect copper alloys.

When selecting a pressure gauge it is important that the pressure you wish to measure is not higher than 2/3rd of the scale indicated on the pressure gauge. To prolong the life span we recommend using a pressur gauge needle valve. You can open the valve when you want to use the pressure gauge and close it after use. An additional advantage of this is that it prevents possible leakage when the pressure gauge is defective.

Different options:

  • Conventional pressure gauges
  • Digital pressure gauges
  • Different connections
  • Different reading scales possible
  • Can be imprinted with your company logo
  • Available from stock
  • We also supply pressure gauge needle valves


Generally speaking peak pressures cannot be measured with an analog pressure gauge. Because of the thickness of the glycerin the needle in the pressure gauge is not capable of registering peak pressures. Findynamica also has digital measuring instruments in their range of products that can register peak pressures. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department about possible options.


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Pressure gauges

  Pressure gauge valve   
with hand knob 

  Pressure gauge valve
with push button