Thermostats and temperature switches for hydraulics

In many hydraulic installations heat will be generated when in use. It is important to regulate the temperature of a hydraulic system by using thermostats or temperature switches. A thermostat or temperature switch is activated at a certain temperature. Findynamica has different thermostats and temperature switches in its range of products, electrical as well as mechanical thermostatic valves.


Mechanical thermostatic valves

Mechanical thermostatic valves work in a relatively simple way. A valve in the housing opens when a certain temperature is reached. In this way it is possible to circulate oil through for instance an oil cooler without having to use an electrical switch.


  • Small, can be used for pipe fitting
  • No external drive unit required
  • Can be placed everywhere
  • Fixed temperature setting
  • Shockproof
  • Maintenance free


Electrical temperature control valves

Electrical temperature control valves are available in different versions with a fixed as well as an adjustable switching point. When the switching temperature is reached the switch will be activated. Temperature switches are available in different types, varying from a standard threaded screw-in pin to a mounting flange with probe.


  • Can be supplied with fixed and adjustable switching point
  • Different versions available
  • Different connections available


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