Wide network

Our network

At Findynamica we offer our customers many options. Through our extensive world-wide connections we are capable of offering many products against competitive prices. 

In the past decades Findynamica has built a solid reputation as an international wholesaler of hydraulic components. Our circle of customers is spread out all over the world and many customers profit from our overwhelming stock and short delivery times.

Direct connections

Findynamica has close contact with manufacturers and therefore has excellent means for importing many products directly.  Because of this we can help our customers with sales and other issues in the best way possible. In case of customer specific projects, we can closely work together with suppliers and customers to make the best product possible!  



De 5 powers of Findynamica

Professional partner

Findynamica is a professional player as wholesaler of hydraulic equipment. Thanks to our years of experience and excellent connections we are obviously the most reliable, professional partner for manufacturers, resellers and dealers.

Product supply

Our product supply is complete! Everything you need in hydraulics can be acquired at Findynamica. Next to our range of hydraulic equipment we also have power transmission related products in our range of products.


Findynamica is specialised in hydraulic pumps. We can confidently say that we are the largest supplier of hydraulic pumps in Europe. Findynamica has the following types of hydraulic pumps available from stock;

Gear pumps, low-noise gear pumps, internal gear pumps, axial piston pumps, radial piston pumps, vane pumps, PTO-pumps, screw pumps and of course also hand pumps!

Power packs

You are also at the right address at Findynamica for power packs. In our production department we make large power packs and mini-power packs on a daily basis. We have a large range of options and can realise short delivery times and sharp prices.


Findynamica has its own production department. In our well-equipped workshop we are very flexible and are capable of quickly and easily making products for our customers.